How I used this diet progeam to lose weight and reduce tummy fat to get a flat belly /how-i-lost-two-pounds-per-week-and-lost-my-belly-using-the-every-other-day-diet/

How I lost Two Pounds Per Week using a Weight Loss Program

This is the last blog of my friend, Jane, who embarked on the Every Other Day Diet.  She has successfully followed this diet and managed to lose two pounds (one kilo) per week . You can read about her here and discover why she chose this diet to lose weight.

I am very sorry for not giving you regular updates as I promised when I begun the Every Other Day Diet. Nonetheless,  I have good news. Since the last experience I narrated here, I have experienced drastic changes in my overall weight. I mean to say that my dieting program was successful. My goal was to lose weight and lose my belly fat  while following a healthy and practical program. Well, I did. Though it took two weeks over the period I had estimated, I managed to lose two pounds (one kilo) weekly while sticking to the Every Other Day Diet.

One important point you must understand about this program is the fact that it teaches a dieter to follow the right path. In short, I have changed my eating habits completely. I now indulge in healthy foods and drinks. Consequently, I am happy, relieved and energetic because I am satisfied with the progress.

The only setback that haunted me through this dieting program was sticking to the diet while my family was eating the usual meals we have always shared. I told you earlier that my husband does not have weight issues and anything he eats is good for him. In my case, it all seems to accumulate around the waistline and that’s why I was looking for a Weight Loss Program.

I feel that things should change in my home

I feel that things should change in my home. I have thought about it and I want the best for my family. My three children seem to take after my husband- they are lean just like him. Despite this, I think it’s time I introduced them to the healthy side of food that I have discovered lately. They take too much sugar based on my assessment of the many tasty things I heave on their plates. I don’t want them to develop problems when it is too late.

I have started adjusting their meals slowly. When I bought groceries last week, I reduced the amount of snacks on the list. In their place, I took nuts and more fresh fruits. My family can now enjoy the nice things that have helped me lose weight and reduce the size of  my belly. This does not mean I removed all the snacks my kids love. I also indulge in snacks once in a while. Actually, the Every Other Day Diet is quiet flexible. As much as the emphasis is on weight loss, you can enjoy foods you love at least once. So my family enjoys these tasty delicacies, but in smaller portions and in alternate days.

Lose Belly Fat and Lose Weight using the Every Other Day Diet

It is months since I achieved my weight loss goal. I do not want to go back to where I was and undergo the strenuous process of losing weight. I am contented. I want you to experience this too. I have so many tips and stories about my journey, and they may help you.

I promise to put those ideas on paper. I also want to share recipes that helped me lose two pounds per week. I invite you to share your story with us. If you are still dieting, give us stories about your daily experience.

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