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My Status Report on the Every Other Day Diet (Weight Loss Program)

This post was written by my friend, Jane, who embarked on the Every Other Day Diet (Weight Loss Program) She promised to keep my blog readers up to date with her progress.  Please leave a comment and encourage her. You can read about her here and discover why she chose this weight loss program to lose weight. You can read about her experiences in the first day of her diet here.

I don’t like my pace, attitude and progress so far. I have slowed down and it is not a pleasant experience. Since I devoted myself to make this work, I should focus and not give up now. I am determined to lose weight and reduce belly fat.

In fact, I didn’t check how much weight I had lost last week. When I did that this week, the results were not pleasing to say the least. I look at the scale and almost shed a tear. After all the work I had put towards changing my lifestyle and eating habits, the results showed I had just wasted my time.

Do you remember my plan was losing at least 2 ponds (one kilo) weekly? Well, so far, I have only shed 3 pounds (1.5kgs) after half a month on the every other day diet. Nevertheless, I should pat myself on the back because having lost 3 pounds, even after cheating on my diet severally, it’s a success story.  It would have been worse because of the few errors I have made along the way. At least I have lost some weight instead of gaining more over what I consider to be in excess of the right body mass for my structure.

My Errors so far

A large percentage of dieters fail along the way. They forget or ignore the need to stick to the diet religiously. If you are one of those people, then welcome me to your group because I have been facing the same problem. In actual sense, dieting is not difficult. It is possible. But I have not put all my attention and thoughts towards making it work.

I have erred knowingly, and failed to change my habits to adopt the right course on the Every Other Day Diet and this slowed down my weight loss progress. For example, last weekend, I was out with friends, and I am even embarrassed to tell you what happened. I had a few rounds of drinks, junk food and really partying. Therefore, losing 3 pounds after all the nasty things I have done while dieting, is a miracle. If I followed this diet with my heart and soul, I would reach my target two pounds per week. Would you like to know how my present weight?

My current weight

Well, the last time I stepped on the scale, it stuck at 145 lbs (65.7kg) and this time, it dropped a few points to 144 pounds (65.3 kg).

I have a lot to be thankful about. I am happier. I indulge in healthy and nutritious meals and I love everything one my plate during breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Apart from the little loose ends in my adherence to the diet, everything else is okay. I intend to stay away from parties and weekend getaways that maybe too tempting. It is hard to ignore the sumptuous snacks and drinks my friends offer me when I go out. The only option is to stay away because I really want to make the diet work. That way, I can embark on a serious journey losing weight and losing my belly fat.

You haven’t told me about your experience lately. How it is taking you? Are you making progress like I am?

You can also read Jane’s last blog post about her experience with this program and how she used it to lose two pounds every week.