Discover why Paleo Diet is the Healthy Way to Lose Weight

Weight loss is perhaps one of the most trying activities a person can undertake. Apart from the physical pain of countless fitness routines, there is the emotional burden. You experience depressive episodes when your body refuses to barge despite the efforts to lose weight and reduce tummy fat. I have experienced this pain too. It was more severe after childbirth. I was lucky to discover the Paleo Diet or as it sometimes called, the Caveman Diet.  This diet totally transformed my body.

How I discovered the Caveman diet

As I mentioned before, I was overweight after I gave birth and I tried to lose weight and get a flat stomach fast. Despite my efforts I didn’t see any change and I was desperate.  My husband urged me not to give up because he knew I would be depressed for a long time unless I reclaimed the wasp-like waistline that I had flaunted since we met. I was not ready to give up. I knew there would be a way out. Therefore, when I learnt about paleo diet from other women in my fitness group, I was elated. Our instructor took us through the usual reality check to ensure we did not undertake that new diet blindly. He told us that impractical expectations would lead to disappointment.

We, a group of four women, decided to conduct research to find the best paleo recipes and information.  We divided the task among the five of us. I ended up with the task to find out how paleo diet aids burning of fatty deposits in our body and to find out if it will get us flat stomach fast.

My husband helped me find information in magazines, ebooks and websites.  We would scroll through websites at night after tucking in our two daughters. I discovered a few things, and explained them to my group before we embarked on the task to reduce tummy fat.

Paleo Orange Chicken

This diet is unique

One of the most interesting facts about the paleo diet is the way it focuses on healthy eating. Unlike diets that command us to strike this and that food out of our menu, this one is practical. It is clear. Your meals should concentrate on nutrient rich, toxin free foods such as meat, eggs, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

These are important foods in our body, and they were the main meals for our ancestors. That age was free of cancerous illnesses and other diseases that have plagued the modern world. These foods made our ancestors strong and supplied plenty of energy for their hunting activities. They did not cook their meals, which meant they enjoyed all the nutrients from vegetables and berries.

Trash in leads to a lot of trash in your body


Overall, this diet uses the notion of trash in leads to a lot of trash in the body. Hence, when only good goes into the body, they occupy and flush out toxins. Note that, the paleo diet requires adherence.  When our bodies are free of hazardous substances such as preservatives and flavourings, we have sufficient energy.

Diet plays the biggest role in weight gain. Therefore, it should play the biggest role in weight loss. When you focus on what you take in, and make sure that it is beneficial to your system, you are bound to see results.

The other three women in my group brought us information about activities that can induce activity, paleo recipes and classes of foods to include in paleo diets.

It is three months after we started. Though one woman cheated slightly over the Christmas period, we have helped her back on track. Now, we all acknowledge the significant effect of this diet which has a great potential to get you a flat stomach fast !  We meet for daily workouts, as we exchange paleo recipes.

Paleo Asian Cauliflower Fried Rice add in whatever meat you want

Paleo Asian Cauliflower Fried Rice add in whatever meat you want

In my next posts I am going to give you more details about the paelo diet with much more information and facts and I will also tell you why it works.  I will also give you a mini quick start guide with advice on what you should do when you start the paelo diet.

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P.S – I’ve received a lot of questions and emails asking me to recommend a Paleo Cookbook and I’ve decided to write a review about the Paleo cookbook that I am using. This Recipe Book really OPENS UP this diet, giving you more food choices than you ever thought possible, putting a whole different spin onto the Paleo lifestyle!  You can read my review here.

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