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Every Other Day Diet: Why I chose this Weight Loss Program


This blog post was written by my friend, Jane who embarked on the Every Other Diet two weeks ago.

There are so many diets and weight loss programs around the Internet, as well as weight loss surgery. Some of  the weight loss programs work and some don’t, so how do you know which one’s do work?  (assuming that you are not interested in a weight loss surgery)

If you need to lose weight fast and lose belly fat, then you don’t want to waste your time trying diet after diet only to find that they are too hard to stick to or they simply don’t work.

One reason that I chose the EveryOtherDayDiet to help me successfully lose weight is because it isn’t as restrictive as many other diets.  I have tried a few different diets and found many of them to be very restrictive.  Although you embark on them with the best intentions, being restricted and watching every single little thing that you eat, you soon lose that motivation that you start out with.

So, let’s take a closer look at how this diet works and why I think this diet is one of the better weight loss diets around.

Week #1 On my new Weight Loss Diet

This post was written by my friend, Jane, who embarked on the Every Other Day Diet. She promised to keep my blog readers up to date with her progress.  Please leave a comment and encourage her. You can read about her here and discover why she chose this weight loss program diet to lose weight fast and lose her belly fat. You can read about her experiences in the first day of her diet here.

It is one week after I Started the Every Other Day Diet. I weighed myself at the start of this journey towards a flat tummy fast. I did the same today, for the first time, to see whether I am on the right course. Of course, I was afraid of the results. When I started dieting, I was147 lbs (66.6 kg). Today, I have……145 lbs  (65.7kg).

My Journey to a Flat Belly using my new Weight Loss Program

This post was written by my friend, Jane, who is embarking on the Every Other Day Diet. She promised to keep my blog readers up to date with her progress.  Please leave a comment and encourage her.

It is a new year. This time round, I have put weight loss as one of my New Year resolutions. It has been top of my agenda every year, but now, it is a must. This year, I want to try the Every Other Day Diet. In the past few months I’ve gained weight and I am now determined to lose weight. I was looking for a diet program that works and I believe that this diet program may enable me to achieve a quick weight loss.

Since it is important to select a diet after analysing what it involves and how it works, I have evaluated the effect of this diet.  I know this diet focuses on proteins, and based on my research, I believe that protein diets work well.

Discover why Paleo Diet is the Healthy Way to Lose Weight

Weight loss is perhaps one of the most trying activities a person can undertake. Apart from the physical pain of countless fitness routines, there is the emotional burden. You experience depressive episodes when your body refuses to barge despite the efforts to lose weight and reduce tummy fat. I have experienced this pain too. It was more severe after childbirth. I was lucky to discover the Paleo Diet or as it sometimes called, the Caveman Diet.  This diet totally transformed my body.

How to Lose Weight Fast after Giving Birth and get a Flat Belly

If you ask a pregnant woman what she really worried about after giving birth, probably one of the first answers she’ll give you is her anxiety about the size of her belly. Most of the first time moms are experiencing changes in the size of their belly after giving birth, and most mums eagerly want to know is how to Lose Weight  fast. In this article I will give you extremely useful tips on how to lose weight fast in easy and simple ways and become belly fat free.

Find out Why You Can’t Lose Weight Anymore


You can often find people saying, “Why can’t I lose weight Anymore?”  Sometimes you can even hear people saying: “Why can’t I lose weight with Diet and Exercise ?” Well, the answer to these questions is pretty simple and it comes to only one thing. Though most people already know why they can’t lose weight, they don’t admit it to themselves. Rather they blame their busy life, kids, work and other things surrounding them although at the end of the day all these excuses are nothing but excuses.

The Big Breakfast Diet – Find out Why it’s Helpful for Weight Loss

The Big Breakfast Diet – Find out Why it's Helpful for Weight Loss

When I was a kid my parents used to say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I’m sure that your parents did the same too. And guess what? They were right about the benefits of eating big breakfast. If you ask me to choose one meal a day I’ll definitely go with breakfast. I still remember waking up in the morning and eagerly waiting for my favorite cereal Lucky Charms when I was a kid. However, I definitely would not recommend you to eat sugary breakfast id you want to lose weight.

How I dropped 3 sizes: Get Inspired by my story – Lose Weight and Belly Fat

How I dropped 3 sizes: Get Inspired by my story - Reduce Tummy Fat and Lose Weight

After the birth of her second daughter, Jenny decided that she must lose weight and get a flat stomach fast.  That wasn’t an easy task, especially with two small children and a slim spouse that could eat anything. But after she has made up her mind, nothing would have moved her from her decision. “Whoever believes in himself will succeed,” she says. She was determined to lose weight fat and get a flat stomach fast.

By the time she was a child, Jenny was overweight. “During high school I did a diet and lost weight, and so I remained until the first pregnancy. After giving birth, I struggled to lose weight, and started my second pregnancy already overweight.”

Diet or Exercise: which one is more important to Losing Weight and Belly Fat ?

Is Diet or Exercise Best for Losing Weight and Belly Fat?

What’s the best way to lose belly fat: diet or exercise? This is the question I am asked every day. Let me tell you the harsh truth- exercise is the easier one to follow.
When it comes to start working out most people are more than enthusiastic to do hardcore exercise and workouts but when it comes to giving up bad food they show an expression of frustration. Actually it’s difficult for us to avoid food that we love even if it’s not healthy and doesn’t help us to lose weight and belly fat.

3 Easy Food Swaps to Help You Lose Weight and Belly Fat

Cola will not help you to reduce tummy fat

Did you know that by making 3 easy food swaps you can easily lose a few pounds, even without using any weight loss program. My 3 easy food swaps will also help you lose belly fat which is associated with increased diabetes and cardiovascular disease risk.  Many researchers believe that belly fat is also associated with cancer risk. By following my 3 easy food swaps you will have a slimmer body and you will also reduce your risks of getting diabetes type 2, heart disease and you will reduce your cancer risk.