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How Low Carb Diet Can help You Lose Weight and Prevent Diabetes

Just about everybody knows that dietary fat is going to make them fat, not too many people know if carbohydrates are going to make them fat as well. For the longest period of time people have this misconception that dietary fat is the reason they get fat. However, this idea has been proven wrong by many studies recently. Of course there are some dietary fat that will make you fat, but there are some good fats too that fight against belly fat and help you lose weight quickly without using any kind of weight loss programme. In this article I will explain How Low Carb Diet Can help You Lose Weight and Prevent Diabetes. I am also going to show you the relationship between belly fat and heart disease.

While growing up I loved eating Kellogg’s and Lucky Charms for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fortunately, now I understand the bad effect of eating high amount of carbs and pledged to not eat cereal again. When I look back, I wish I would have eaten more good fats, lean foods and vegetables.
One of the reasons that consumption of carbs lead to increased weight is they leave people feeling hungry. Scientific journalist Gary Taubes stated in his book “Good Calories, Bad Calories” that, when someone consumes carbs, insulin is released in the bloodstream. This removes nutrients from the bloodstream and expects more nutrients to come, which leaves him feeling hungry. And when someone is hungry, he end up eating more which increases his belly fat.  Some researchers also claim that there is a direct relationship between high consumption of carbs and diabetes.

So what are the foods that you should avoid to Lose Weight Quickly, Lose your Belly and abdominal Fat and prevent diabetes? Unfortunately the list of foods that contain carbs is very long and it might seem difficult to avoid them to lose weight and fat fast. Apart from cereal and other processed food, you have to avoid carbs that might have gluten in it which is usually found in pasta, breads, and tortillas. Your next step would be to keep away potatoes, quinoa, oats and barley from your flat belly diet. However, you can still have those grains after workouts as they are really helpful to replenish your muscles.

Many researchers have already proved the effectiveness of low-carb diet in reducing weight as well as helping to lose belly fat and Prevent Diabetes. However, you don’t need to eliminate carbs completely from your diet. Increase your consumption of green vegetable and good carbs. Omega-3 fatty acids are really helpful for losing weight and reducing belly fat. Almonds, avocados, walnuts, extra virgin olive oil, sea fishes are great source of this fatty acid. These foods also make you feel full for longer so that you are more likely to end up eating less and lose weight fast.

Participants in a study on low-carb diets lost an average of ten pounds more during the six-month study than those on a low-fat diet and reduced inflammation, a key marker for heart disease. In addition A high-carbohydrate diet is associated with the increase in risks of heart disease in women.

Green tea and coffee pack a high amount of antioxidants and other elements that help to make your belly fat free just make sure that your tea or coffee isn’t loaded with sugar and milk.

Beans are another excellent source of protein, soluble fiber and slowly digested carbohydrates. Soluble fibers bind fatty substances in the intestine and carry them out as waste. You can include this food item in your menu to accelerate the weight loss process.
Choose good carbs, not No carbs. Try to get your grains intact from foods like brown rice, whole wheat breads, and other possible sources. These foods not only help you to have flat stomach, but also protect you from a range of chronic diseases. Though whole grain foods were available only in non-traditional and organic food stores, nowadays these are available in mainstream groceries as well.

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