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Paleo Diet – 10 Money Saving Tips that will allow you to eat healthy food while saving money

Many people who want to begin a new diet worry a great deal about the cost.  Of course you want to eat healthier food, but you also do not want to break the bank.  The Paleo diet does not have to cost a fortune to be followed correctly.  Here are 10 money saving tips to help you enjoy the benefits of the Paleo diet while sticking to your budget. Just to remind you some the health benefits of the Paleo Diet are Weight Loss, Reduction in Type 2 Diabetes Risk and  Lowering of the Blood Pressure.

Save Money by Stocking Up

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Buy your food items in bulk, especially when they are on sale.  Meat can be purchased in large family packs, divided, and easily frozen.  Vegetables can also be frozen, and items like olive oil keep for a long period of time when stored properly.

Second Money Saving Tip – Choose Meat on the Bone

Not only are these cuts much cheaper than boneless varieties, they also provide a great deal more flavor, and tend to have a bit more fat.

Buy Organ Meat to Save Money

Organ meats such as liver, heart, and kidneys are very inexpensive and provide an astonishing amount of nutrition.  This is one staple that should be found in every Paleo dieter’s kitchen.

Fourth Money Saving Tip

Purchase Canned or Whole Fish:  Try to always avoid buying farmed fish.  Instead, purchase canned fish such as canned wild salmon, sardines, or tuna.

These items go on sale quite often, so stock up when you see a good deal.

Another helpful tip is to buy whole fish from your local fish market.  When you purchase a whole fish it is generally less expensive because you are not paying someone else to fillet, debone, and skin it.

Doing this yourself may take a bit of practice, but once you get the hang of it, you will find it is a very cost effective way to stock the freezer.

More Money Saving Tips

Shop Local Farmer’s Markets:  It is always a good idea to buy fresh, local produce from your area.  Not only is this food healthier for you, it is generally cheaper because it does not have to be trucked a great distance to reach its destination.

Purchase Frozen Vegetables and Fruits:  Frozen produce is always handy to have on hand, and it is on sale a great deal.  Since frozen vegetables and fruits are usually rapid frozen right after they are picked, you know the food will be nutritious because it is ripe.

Grow Your Own Produce:  Keeping a small garden is easy to do, costs very little, and can yield a bumper crop of nutrition.  You will also gain the benefit of getting outside, communing with nature, knowing exactly where your food comes from and how it was handled, and getting some exercise.

Make Dressings Yourself:  This is quite easy to do, and you can save a ton of money by not buying bottled dressings.  You will also be able to control exactly what goes into them for optimal health.  All you need is some good oil, such as olive oil, lemon juice or vinegar, and your favorite herbs and spices.

Fishing and Hunting:  Two activities that have been done for centuries are still some of the best ways to stock a freezer.  When you catch or kill your own food you know for sure where it came from, how it was processed, and that it was organic.  You will also benefit from spending time outside and getting a good deal of exercise to bring home dinner.

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