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My Journey to a Flat Belly using my new Weight Loss Program

This post was written by my friend, Jane, who is embarking on the Every Other Day Diet. She promised to keep my blog readers up to date with her progress.  Please leave a comment and encourage her.

It is a new year. This time round, I have put weight loss as one of my New Year resolutions. It has been top of my agenda every year, but now, it is a must. This year, I want to try the Every Other Day Diet. In the past few months I’ve gained weight and I am now determined to lose weight. I was looking for a diet program that works and I believe that this diet program may enable me to achieve a quick weight loss.

Since it is important to select a diet after analysing what it involves and how it works, I have evaluated the effect of this diet.  I know this diet focuses on proteins, and based on my research, I believe that protein diets work well.