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The Mediterranean Diet – What Foods can I Eat ?

Adopting the Mediterranean way of eating can increase the activity of your body immune system and help you reduce the risk of certain cancer types, heart diseases, the Parkinson’s disease as well as the Alzheimer’s disease. I’ve already written other articles about the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet and about the health benefits of consuming olive oil as part of this diet and why it is considered the magical oil.

This article is based on my book about the Mediterranean Diet. The book contains plenty of information about the Mediterranean Diet and will enable you to learn about this exceptional diet so that you can lose weight, lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disorders and cancer.

Here are the foods that you can eat when on the Mediterranean diet:

Whole Grains

Whole grains are considered as an integral part of the Mediterranean diet. This includes while grain bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice and whole wheat cereal. These foods are packed with lots of minerals, nutrients and vitamins that enhance the production of enough energy for your body. Additionally, whole grains contain fiber which can help the body combat bowel movement changes and cleanse the colon, thus promoting weight loss in the midsection. To further weight loss, fiber gives you the feeling of satiety quickly, thereby making sure that you don’t overfeed.

Fresh Fruits and Green Vegetables

The Mediterranean diet advocates the consumption of fruits and vegetables in large amounts. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a variety of minerals, nutrients and vitamins that can help the body function in its maximum potential. Furthermore, the vitamins and nutrients aid in initiating weight loss.

Fruits and vegetables contain antioxidant properties which combat the cancer causing free radicals. If you adopt the Mediterranean weight loss diet, put more emphasis on the dark leafy green vegetables and include then in virtually every meal.

Protein Sources

This diet concentrates on consuming proteins from sources that don’t have any associating with animals. Low-fat dairy products and poultry are eaten in very low moderation while red meat is rarely taken. Fish and other types of seafood such as salmon, tuna craw-fish and herring are the main source of proteins in this diet. Furthermore, seafood contains omega-3 which has been hailed for reducing inflammation and enhancing the production of healthy skin and nerve cells. Again, eating fish can help you moderate your cholesterol levels, improving your blood pressure and protecting you against diabetes and heart diseases.

Healthy Fats

This diet advocates for the use of healthy mono-saturated fats to cook. In fact, the mono-saturated fats such as olive oil are used for cooking, baking as well as a condiment. As I’ve already written in other article, the healthy mono-saturated fats in olive oil replace the unhealthy saturated fats that pose great danger to the cardiovascular health. Again, virgin olive oil contains poly-phenols which have antioxidant properties. Raw nuts like walnuts, almonds and cashew-nuts are also taken to provide fat. I have already written an article about olive oil and why it is considered to be a magical oil and how it can greatly improve your health.

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