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Find out Why You Can’t Lose Weight Anymore


You can often find people saying, “Why can’t I lose weight Anymore?”  Sometimes you can even hear people saying: “Why can’t I lose weight with Diet and Exercise ?” Well, the answer to these questions is pretty simple and it comes to only one thing. Though most people already know why they can’t lose weight, they don’t admit it to themselves. Rather they blame their busy life, kids, work and other things surrounding them although at the end of the day all these excuses are nothing but excuses.

The Big Breakfast Diet – Find out Why it’s Helpful for Weight Loss

The Big Breakfast Diet – Find out Why it's Helpful for Weight Loss

When I was a kid my parents used to say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I’m sure that your parents did the same too. And guess what? They were right about the benefits of eating big breakfast. If you ask me to choose one meal a day I’ll definitely go with breakfast. I still remember waking up in the morning and eagerly waiting for my favorite cereal Lucky Charms when I was a kid. However, I definitely would not recommend you to eat sugary breakfast id you want to lose weight.

How I dropped 3 sizes: Get Inspired by my story – Lose Weight and Belly Fat

How I dropped 3 sizes: Get Inspired by my story - Reduce Tummy Fat and Lose Weight

After the birth of her second daughter, Jenny decided that she must lose weight and get a flat stomach fast.  That wasn’t an easy task, especially with two small children and a slim spouse that could eat anything. But after she has made up her mind, nothing would have moved her from her decision. “Whoever believes in himself will succeed,” she says. She was determined to lose weight fat and get a flat stomach fast.

By the time she was a child, Jenny was overweight. “During high school I did a diet and lost weight, and so I remained until the first pregnancy. After giving birth, I struggled to lose weight, and started my second pregnancy already overweight.”

Diet or Exercise: which one is more important to Losing Weight and Belly Fat ?

Is Diet or Exercise Best for Losing Weight and Belly Fat?

What’s the best way to lose belly fat: diet or exercise? This is the question I am asked every day. Let me tell you the harsh truth- exercise is the easier one to follow.
When it comes to start working out most people are more than enthusiastic to do hardcore exercise and workouts but when it comes to giving up bad food they show an expression of frustration. Actually it’s difficult for us to avoid food that we love even if it’s not healthy and doesn’t help us to lose weight and belly fat.