DASH DIet Natrual Diet to treat Hypertension Lose Weight and Reduce Cholesterol Levels /dash-diet-natrual-diet-to-treat-hypertension-lose-weight-and-reduce-cholestrol-levels/

DASH DIet: Natrual Diet to treat Hypertension, Lose Weight and Reduce Cholestrol Levels

The DASH diet is one of the best diets to naturally treat hypertension, high blood pressure. Its aim it to minimize the adverse effects of high blood pressure. By following the DASH diet, it is possible that heart diseases, stroke, and kidney stones risk will be reduced to manageable levels. In addition the DASH Diet will enable you to lose weight and lose belly fat.
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Health Benefits Of The DASH Diet

Many health researchers have proved that when a person who is suffering from the hypertension follows the guidelines under the DASH diet, he or she is able to control the blood pressure in the body. High blood pressure is one of the major causes of death in the world. Moreover, high blood pressure also a contributor to heart disease and stroke. By following this diet you can reduce your risk of having a cardiovascular disease and stroke and lose weight.

These diseases that I’ve just mentioned are also difficult to cure as they are lifetime-illness. It is for this reason that the DASH diet advocates for preventive measures rather than treatment which may not be possible with some people due to high medication cost.

High cholesterol level in the blood is often harmful to human health. This is because it contributes to the thickening of blood vessels thus putting human life at risk.

The DASH diet contains foods with low level or no cholesterol at all. Foods like fruits, low-fat dairy products, and vegetables in the DASH diet are known to work well in minimizing the chances of hypertension in the long run.

Several foods in the DASH diet have the capability of reducing the sodium levels in the body.

Many health experts suggest that under the normal circumstances, a healthy human body requires 2400 mg of sodium in a day.High sodium levels contribute to the rise of the blood pressure thus resulting to hypertension and if it goes untreated, death may occur eventually.

Apart from solving the hypertension problems, the DASH diet contains a lot of dietary fiber which helps for a smooth digestion in the stomach. Effective digestion means that all the basic nutrients are absorbed by the body. One of the benefits of this diet is increased metabolism – increased metabolism enable us to burn more fat.

When the accumulated fats are reduced, there are high chances that the person will reduce weight in the long run. Therefore, the DASH diet is one of the best diets.

Finally, patients who usually complain of inflammation of the body tissues especially the heart are beneficiaries of the DASH diet. DASH diet has low levels of cholesterol. High cholesterol thickens the blood vessels which eventually reduce their effectiveness as blood rich in oxygen may not reach other parts of the body. A patient with thickened blood vessels usually appear tired because of poor oxygen circulation in the body.

It is for this reason that DASH diet is specially recommended for those patients suffering from hypertension so as to prolong their lives.

In my next article I will tell you exactly what you should as part of the DASH Diet. Start following the DASH Diet today – your body will thank you. You will lose weight, lose belly fat, lower your blood pressure and reduce your Cholesterol levels.

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